Industrial park

The first construction stage of the Simmern industrial park has a net area of approximately 23 hectares. The position and size of the properties can be divided up individually depending on customer demands, with connected areas of between 4.000 m² and approximately 30.000 m² available. As some of the side roads specified in the construction plan are only built when needed, larger connected business areas are also available.

The land cost is € 21,00/m², including surveying and development costs. As Simmern is a part of the federal development area, support is generally available for your business plan. Commercial enterprises (depending on the branch) and tourist enterprises are eligible for funding.

With the provision of the industrial park, Simmern reinforces its name as the central business location for the future in the Rhine-Hunsrück district. This is reflected by the presence of Germany's most modern industrial laundry business, who were the first company to set up their company in the industrial park in 2004.


Lage Kreisstadt SimmernThe industrial park is situated directly on the newly-expanded B50 dual-carriageway. The industrial park is connected directly to the B50 to the east, whilst a connection to the existing "Bürgerstück" business park and Simmern itself is found to the west.

Simmern town centre is three minutes away by car. The A61 motorway can be reached in approximately 8 minutes, whilst Frankfurt-Hahn airport can be reached easily in 12 minutes.

The main connecting road to the industrial park runs parallel to the B50, and is designed with a width of 14 metres so that the required filter lanes to company premises can be added as necessary.


The construction plan for the Simmern industrial park allows for different commercial and industrial use. Shift operation is also possible here without any problems.

The following businesses have already decided to move to the Simmern industrial park:

In the near future:

  • ERO - Gerätebau GmbH, Simmerner Str. 20, 55469 Niederkumbd
  • Stefan Bender Tief- und Straßenbau, Im Gehnenberg 10, 55469 Altweidelbach