Profile of the area

The county town of Simmern is a fully-developed, well-connected middle centre. The following is a list of key data to give you a brief introduction to the area:

  • The catchment area is home to over 106,000 inhabitants.
  • There are approximately 8,000 employees subject to social security contribu-tions in the town. This value is 3.0 times higher than the average in similar towns.
  • Around 6,000 commuters into the town who live elsewhere, which is approxi-mately 80% of the registered workplaces in Simmern.
  • The unemployment level in the Rhine-Hunsrück district is currently 4.3% (an-nual average for 2015). This value is well below the average national and state unemployment levels.
  • 153 hectares of accessible commercial areas.
  • Average traffic of approximately 17,000 vehicles on the B50 dual-carriageway in 2005.